Jerry Digby knows something is wrong that winter afternoon in 1978 when the estranged father he hasn’t seen in months shows up in front of his school, drumming his fingers against the steering wheel with a cigarette in his mouth, promising adventure for Jerry and his little sister. Something isn’t adding up.

Riding in a beat-up ice cream truck, the three leave the state with the remains of their father’s dead friend packed with them after a botched backyard cremation. While their journey ultimately leads them into the teeth of one of the worst blizzards to ever strike the east coast, the storm outside pales in comparison to the storm brewing inside, as their father unravels with each passing mile, leaving Jerry and Faye vulnerable and very much in trouble.

Read the opening chapter here, published in Embark Literary Journal.

Read the official press release here.

Read "The Journey to Land's End" on Map & Compass.

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""The craft jumps off the page...elegiac with no hint of melancholy. Both philosophical and gritty, {Land's End} is reminiscent of the works of Pat Conroy in its treatment of complex relationships between fathers and sons." - Writer's Digest

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